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Steven Dobbin is a sculptor working in lead, copper, and steel with plaster and pigment. His conceptually-based creations have appeared in group exhibitions at the Glenview Mansion in Rockville, Maryland, The Bridge Art Fairs in Chicago, New York and London, at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center, the Artist's Gallery / Blue Elephant Studios in Frederick, Maryland, the Artist's Museum in Washington DC, the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Occidental College, and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, at the Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts in California, the Heritage Museum, and the Meyers/ Bloom Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.


In 2010, Steven was included in The Language of Objects at Catholic University, The Ordinary Expands at
Goucher College, and Art from Found Objects at the Monmouth Museum. He was also juried into the Meijer Sculpture Gardens for ArtPrize 2010. Steven Dobbin's permanent installation, Labyrinth of Remembrance on the grounds of the Phillips School in Laurel, MD, was published in the Baltimore Sun, on WBLA TV, the NBC Afflilate Channel 25 in Maryland, and—a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Steven Dobbin has been published in the Arlington Connection, Washington Post, The Frederick Gazette, Channel 51, and the Los Angeles Times. Steven Dobbin's sculptures are in collections throughout the United States and the UK. He is currently working with Causey Contemporary, NY.


His solo exhibition credits include Causey Contemporary (formerly Ch'i), the Artist's Gallery and Blue Elephant Studios in Frederick, MD, Millennium Art Center in Washington DC, Meyers / Bloom Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, the Helen Lindhurst Gallery at USC, Los Angeles, CA, and the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center—where his show received the Meredith Springer award for exceptional artists who have contributed to the arts community in Frederick, Maryland. In 2009, he won the Individual Artist Award for Excellence in Sculpture from the Maryland State Council of the Arts. 


Since 2006, he has taught at the Frederick High School in Frederick, Maryland where he started a program to teach life skills to intellectually disabled students—and was named special educator of the year in Frederick County. Prior to this he taught at the Phillips School for Contemporary Education where he developed an arts program for severely emotionally disturbed children. He has received his degrees from Indiana University, The University of Southern California, and George Washington University in Fine Arts, Ceramics, and Education. He resides in Western Maryland.

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