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Melissa Murray's large, two-dimensional works on paper focus on the idea of freezing an active moment of thought. Maintaining a studio practice where her ideas are bombarded with a successive rotation of images,
the clusters gather into patterns through which a metaphor and visual narrative is born. By concentrating on the presented theme, patterns, colors and shifts in space begin to narrate her compositions. Melissa relies on a stream of consciousness to present an honest story, making each work a collection of coded memories—quieted yet clarified—by capturing the slightest moment in thought. Murray focuses on the ideas of filters, taking imagery from old structures and blending in thoughts and moments of a contemporary life.


Murray is a Brooklyn-based artist, often working large-scale with mixed media on paper. Her work has previously appeared in group exhibitions throughout
the United States and published and reviewed in
L Magazine, The Village Voice, Juxtapoz Magazine, Beautiful Decay Magazine, Art Czar and the NY Arts Magazine.
Her drawings were also selected as a showcase winner on in 2012 and as one the finalist for A limited edition series of prints has recently been released by Welcome to Company. She is currently working with Causey Contemporary, NY.

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